Registered Donation

Registered Donations revolve around the registration of a periodic gift with a minimum of € 25 per month for a period of at least 5 years. You can cease the donation in case of loss of employment or disability, or in case NONA Foundation loses the ANBI-status. The registration of your donation is free of charge and will be arranged for you.

Maximizing the impact of your donation to NONA Foundation
This section informs you on the difference between regular and registered donations. In case you make a regular one-off or periodic donation, you will only receive limited tax benefits by receiving a small amount or nothing from the Tax Authority of the Netherlands. Through a registered donation, you will receive a full tax deduction without any additional costs. You maximize your impact as you can support even more girls in Sri Lanka with the same amount.  heel weinig of helemaal niets terug van de Belastingdienst. Met voordelig schenken is alles aftrekbaar en het kost u niets extra.  Sterker nog, voor hetzelfde bedrag helpt u meer meisjes in Sri Lanka!

Tax benefits for PBO
The Tax Authority of the Netherlands allows you to deduct your donation to our foundation because NONA Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). In Dutch this means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling -ANBI. A minimum threshold and maximum donation apply to tax deduction. You are free to deduct the amount above threshold but you need to stay below the maximum amount.

The threshold and maximum amount depend on the threshold of your personal income. This so-called ‘threshold income’ is the total of all your income and deductions from box 1, 2 and 3. In case you submit your tax return online, then your threshold income will be filled in automatically by the Tax Authority in the donations section.

The threshold amount is 1% of your threshold income, but a minimum of € 60. Any donation above the 1% of your threshold income can be deducted upto a maximum of 10% of your threshold income. In case of regular donations, your threshold income could be so high that you barely receive any tax benefits from the Tax Authority. Hency, we suggest registered donations.  krijgt van de Belastingdienst.

You enable NONA Foundation to support more girls through registered donations, while your actual net donation is lower, as the example shows. A win-win situation! NONA Foundation benefits greatly from more income and also from the certainty that you provide us. meer kunt helpen (NONA Foundation kan dus ook meer meisjes helpen)  terwijl het u netto juist minder kost. Een win-win situatie dus! NONA Foundation is erg gebaat met meer inkomsten maar ook met de zekerheid die u ons op deze manier biedt.



Your threshold income is € 30.000. The minimum threshold amount is € 300 and the maximum amount is € 3.000.


Regular Donation

Registered Donation

Your gross donation to NONA Foundation




Your tax refund



Your net donation to NONA Foundation




  • Registered Donations entails that you support NONA Foundation for a fixed amount per year, for a minimum term of five years (minimum of € 300 per annum);
  • You decide whether you contribute monthly or annually;
  • You can decide to cease your support in case of unemployment or disability, and in case NONA Foundation loses its ANBI-status;
  • Het bedrag dat u terugkrijgt is minimaal 37,35% en maximaal 46% van uw gift, afhankelijk van uw inkomen;
  • Registration is easy; you fill in the form and receive the pre-filled contract per regular mail, which you can sign and return to us.

In case you have questions about your personal situation regarding Registered Donations or in case you need help to correctly file your tax return, then we can provide you with expert tax advice from our supporting partner, November Tax Consulting. 

You can contact our Donor Desk for all other questions via