Unique shelter

NONA Foundation has taken the initiative to realize a unique shelter for girls and young women who are victims of sexual violence and human trafficking in the Kurunegala area, a city in North West Sri Lanka. Many of these girls are housed in a government shelter for a certain period of time. However, when they turn 18, they have to leave the house to make room for new underaged girls. That in itself is poignant, but much worse is that the young women end up on the street again, and have nowhere to go, no longer have a home and as a result, in no time at all, end up in situations where they are again exploited and abused. NONA Foundation wants to ensure that the young women get a permanent and safe place to stay, to recover, but also to start an education or to work independently with a small company. In this way, many young women have been able to build a new life, with the help of NONA Empowerment Aid.

The first young women are expected to be housed at NONA Gardens in 2022.